Helping the Diabetic Community

Sugar Check Charity helps the diabetic community by donating diabetic supplies. We mainly donate testing strips and monitors, as they are in high demand, but we occasionally donate lancets and other supplies to help diabetics. SCC targets free clinics that are supported mainly by donations. We only donate to free clinics that provide diabetic classes, as we have found that a patient is most likely to succeed at managing their diabetes if they have the right information to gain the knowledge to do so, as well as the right supplies to manage their disease. SCC tries to assist in providing supplies while the clinic provides the education.

Through research and conversation with free clinics, we have found that medicines, such as insulin, are more often donated than the testing strips and monitors. Because more insulin is typically donated, we focus on donating testing strips and monitors but we also can adjust to the clinic's needs. Toward the beginning of the pandemic, we adapted to new guidelines and when face masks were in very high demand, we donated nearly $3000 worth of those to a free clinic so that they could continue proving their service to the diabetic community. Whenever we face a new challenge, we adapt to overcome it and continue serving our diabetic community.